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Burn Down 

Only your parents can find you someone good, they say. It’s not a treasure hunt, it’s like a walk down the aisle in a grocery store. Pick up a product. Because women, they say, have an expiration date. Your biological clock is tick, tick ticking.   …


Cushion Cover 

A cushion has a cover, stripes made by hands that held their first grandchild, with buttons fallen and replaces that blended into maroon lungis with silver brooches and silvering hair. A cushion has a cover, scented with blessings and incense burnt as an offering to…

Flash Fiction Finalists
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Flash Fiction Finalists 

Name: Thirangie Jayatilake Age: 21 University: New York University Abu Dhabi Nationality: Sri Lankan   TEMPO: How and when did you first learn of your love and passion for writing? Was it something you really studied intensively or just a hobby? How long have you…