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November 2023 EdVic 

November 2023 EdVic President’s report October 2023 By Margaret Trudgeon AE As the year speeds towards the finish line, the committee has been busy planning a few final events and PD, as well as addressing a couple of changes to the committee line-up. I was…

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Thesis Writing 101 

Writing a thesis is a craft which is equally as incredible as it is daunting. Join writers Lucy Egan and Thirangie Jayatilake in discussion as they debunk misconceptions on this topic and unravel the complexities they encountered in their own theses writing experiences. The two…

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Burn Down 

Only your parents can find you someone good, they say. It’s not a treasure hunt, it’s like a walk down the aisle in a grocery store. Pick up a product. Because women, they say, have an expiration date. Your biological clock is tick, tick ticking….

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Galle Lit Festival 

Does literature have to be relatable to everyone? In an age where 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia, three award-winning authors – Singaporean writer Balli Kaur Jaswal, Indian writer and journalist Manu Joseph and Sri Lanka’s very own Shehan Karunatilaka joined in a…

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English is Still Cancelled 

English is Still Cancelled: A Panel on Multilingualism Sun 01 Oct , 4.30pm – 5.30pm AEST/AEDT Newcastle Library (Main Room) Newcastle Library (Ground Floor), Laman Street, Newcastle Wheelchair Back by popular demand, English is Cancelled once again moves us away from the colonial presumption of English…

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National Young Writers Festival. 

Thirangie Jayatilake Thirangie Jayatilake is a Sri Lankan writer, editor, and storyteller based in Naarm. She has an undergraduate degree in Literature and Creative Writing from New York University and a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing, Publishing, and Editing from the University of Melbourne. Thirangie’s…

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September 2023 EdVic 

September 2023 EdVic 4 September 2023 | Newsletters, September 2023 President’s report September 2023 By Margaret Trudgeon AE The new Editors Victoria committee has hit the ground running after the ABM back in July. Our new members are settling into their roles, after handovers and assigning email addresses,…

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Heritage as Placemaking – Thirangie Jayatilake 

Thirangie Jayatilake, MA, is a writer, editor, and storyteller. She has an undergraduate degree in literature and creative writing with a minor in mathematics from New York University and a master’s degree in creative writing, publishing, and editing from the University of Melbourne. She has…