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About Me

Thirangie was one of those kids who grew up reading too many books (maybe). It seemed an obvious choice to grow up to become a literature and creative writing major for someone who always wanted to be a writer. A reader of post-colonial and feminist literature, Thirangie is interested in stories and poems from around the world, constantly looking for more poc authors to read. Her love for books only grew, and she has a masters in creative writing, publishing and editing. Passionate about spreading the word about Global Literature, Thirangie volunteers for Postscript Magazine and Asymptote Magazine. She has been published in Airport Road, The Gazelle, Zino, Farrago Magazine, Myriad Magazine, Postscript, Grattan Street Press and Asymptote Journal. She has worked as an editor or an assistant editor for Antithesis Journal (Australia), Grattan Street Press (Australia), Geoffrey Bawa Trust (Sri Lanka), Postscript (UAE), Reverena Ediciones (Mexico), The Gazelle (UAE), Airport Road (UAE), and PereraHussein Publishing House (Sri Lanka). Thirangie currently works as a content writer, and a freelance editor.

Outside of work, she spends her time looking for more books to read, playing with dogs, taking photographs and going swimming.

Thirangie’s recommendations for literary enthusiasts:- for those interested in global literature and literature in translation. for those interested in literature from marginalized authors. for those who are interested in the humanities and social sciences of South Asia. for those who want to diversify their reading experience and get to know more work by poc authors 

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