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HAP International Summer School 2022 

Dr. Stefanie Lotter and Swaraj Chitrakar lead participants in a discussion on critical approaches to the archive. Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu. Photo © Monalisa Maharjan. The summer school was attended by graduate students in social sciences and other fields of study (including heritage studies, archival and…


September 10, 2021 | in Dispatches, News, Weekly Roundup 

Thirangie Jayatilake, Educational Arm, reporting from Sri Lanka Tambapanni Academic Publishers (TAP) was launched online on the 21 of August, 2021. TAP Founder Professor Sasanka Perera addressed the audience regarding his stance on the current state of the academic publishing industry, as well as the social…


July 30, 2021 | in Dispatches, News, Weekly Roundup 

Thirangie Jayatilake, Educational Arm Assistant, reporting from Sri Lanka Sri Lanka’s small publishing industry is limited to few publishers, but four book lovers have launched their own press to fill the gap. Tambapanni Academic Publishers, an academic publishing house named for the first Sinhalese kingdom in…


June 25, 2021 | in Dispatches, News, Weekly Roundup 

Thirangie Jayatilake, Asymptote Journal Educational Arm, reporting from Sri Lanka New Ink is a new forum that was created to engage in discussions regarding Sri Lankan literatur; in addition to panels on literature in Sri Lanka, New Ink pays a special interest to books published within the…

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March 2024 Editors Victoria 

March 2024 Editors Victoria 6 March 2024 | March 2024, Newsletters President’s report By Margaret Trudgeon Summer is nearly over, and there have been some very hot, windy days recently. Our thoughts are with our members in the Ballarat region and surrounds where some fires are currently being…


Publishing Industry Across Asia 

Editing Asia: Dr Pallavi Narayan on the publishing industry across Asia. Event Description:- Join Dr Pallavi Narayan as she talks about the publishing industry across Asia: its characteristics, developments and trends. Building upon her experience working as an editor for a few big five trade…


Black Turtle Neck 

I wanted to buy a black turtle-neck sweater I thought I wanted to fit in look like I belong at all the professional and art events I turn up to But I am from sunshine and islands I am from colour a white person went…


The Galle Lit Fest 

Writing Asia-Based Fiction for a Global Audience Balli Jaswal, Manu Joseph & Shehan Karunatilaka Are writers responsible for explaining cultural contexts to modern-day readers? In an age when an astonishing 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia, three award-winning writers explore penning stories –…