Last Spring I walked through Washington Square Park and the
benches had almost reached full capacity.
I pass by the saxophone player at the base of the statue, pink
blossoming around him, intercepted
with fresh light green buds,
The guy walking around with a free hugs sign,
The lady with three dogs with their leashes tied to her waist,
Innocent bystanders sitting on the inside of the fountain,
enjoying the bliss of sunshine and warmth,
before the fountain comes back to life,
forcing them out of their seats, the same fountain
that hosted budding skateboarders and footballers
just two months ago,
A random stranger walking around holding an Insomnia
Cookies envelope asking “would you like to share
A cookie with me?”, I wonder why he didn’t try
offering it to a dog, a dog wouldn’t have rejected him,
I squeeze myself into a small grey space in the middle of strangers
Sipping coffee, staring at screens, placed in time and space.
The city is spilling, revealing itself.