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AD Secrets: Hankook 

Hankook is a Korean restaurant two blocks away from Al Wahda Mall. While there are regular chairs and tables, one of their unique features is their traditional Korean seating — low tables with cushions on the floor for people to sit on. The low table…

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J-Term Guide: Florence 

In between the pine trees that create a passageway toward the Villa La Pietra, the dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral — better known as the Duomo — comes into view from a distance. The Villa, formerly owned by Arthur Acton, was donated…

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Branding NYUAD 

Walking up to the palm trees in the streaming sunlight, through the passage of Marhaba banners with the weight of my suitcase lagging behind me, is one of the first memories I have of NYU Abu Dhabi. This year, many of us returned to campus…

Sri Lanka-Meals
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Sri Lanka Must Eats 

Sunny beaches, tropical sunsets, historical temples, beautiful scenery, cute elephants and stilt fishermen. These are some of the sights you might encounter on your trip to Sri Lanka during one of your breaks. One other thing you’ll never forget about Sri Lanka is its cuisine….

Chagh Kabab
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Lens: Chagh Kabab 

Beautifully puffed-up pita bread, succulent grilled meat, bitter Turkish ayran and Turkish coffee. The interior of Chagh Kabab is elegantly decorated in blue and white, with red ceramic tiles occasionally running up the walls and on the tables. Toward the back of the restaurant, customers…