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My Year of Zoom and Isolations 

I sat at my desk at home in Sri Lanka and stared into the black Zoom interface that read: ‘Please wait, the host will let you in soon.’ It was the last time I would feel those “first day of class” nerves, and I hoped…


Nihal Perera on Social Production of Space 

TAP’s Thirangie Jayatilake met up with Nihal Perera in Colombo on 15 July 2020 to talk about his book Decolonizing Ceylon (OUP, 1999), especially its upcoming Sinhala translation and his ventures in the study of social space. As a young architecture student, a core question that piqued…

Flash Fiction Finalists
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Flash Fiction Finalists 

Name: Thirangie Jayatilake Age: 21 University: New York University Abu Dhabi Nationality: Sri Lankan   TEMPO: How and when did you first learn of your love and passion for writing? Was it something you really studied intensively or just a hobby? How long have you…