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Africana Night 

This year’s Africana Night celebrated the continent’s diverse traditions. Umoja, this year’s title for Africana night, was held in the West Plaza outside D1. Evoking the event’s title’s – unity in Swahili – the plaza was filled with stalls that each had artifacts and food…

Articles, Feature Articles, NYUAD

Diploma Attestation 

Among the many important tasks that both current and rising seniors have to keep in mind throughout the academic year is the degree attestation process. Degree attestation is an important procedure, especially if one plans on working in the UAE or enrolling in a graduate…

NYUAD-Spring Bucket List
Articles, Feature Articles, NYUAD

Senior Spring Bucket List 

Thirangie Jayatilake asks the Class of 2018 what they want to check off their bucket list before their final semester in Abu Dhabi ends. The Class of 2018 is super busy these days: trying to finish capstone, trying to graduate, trying to find a job…