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Powerlifting – NYUAD 

Despite powerlifting sounding like it is going to be all about brawn – there was a cheerful, almost jovial, atmosphere around the stadium at NYUAD as smiling spectators supported the hardy competitors. The male and female powerlifters in various weight classes would test their mettle…


Books Are Heritage In Colombo’s Used Bookstores 

STACKS OF BOOKS sit between blue shelves that reach from the ground all the way up to the ceiling, sparing not even a square inch of wall. Around the tightly-packed shelves, piles of books rise from the floor—books flood the space. Sometimes, the book stacks…



blue flame turned light blue turned orange under half-sphere metal waiting to turn milky texture into crispy shells that my grandmother’s toothless gums cannot could not chew despite how much she wanted to ladle spooning texture onto hot metal, circling it around the sides in…