Beautifully puffed-up pita bread, succulent grilled meat, bitter Turkish ayran and Turkish coffee. The interior of Chagh Kabab is elegantly decorated in blue and white, with red ceramic tiles occasionally running up the walls and on the tables. Toward the back of the restaurant, customers can watch the process of bread-making through a decorated brass-strip-framed window, which provides an ample view of the chef mixing flour and shaping the Turkish bread. On the right side of the entrance, another chef maneuvers large chunks of meat, roasting them on turning skewers. The waiters are dressed in traditional Turkish clothing with maroon vests and hats.

Main courses include grilled kebabs or grilled meat served with Turkish bread or rice, parsley and pickles. They also serve appetizers like hummus, mutabbal and lentil soup, as well as salads, sandwiches and pastries. While our meal was excellent, it wasn’t complete until we had kanafeh, a Turkish dessert. Kanafeh is a cheese pastry soaked in rose syrup with ground pistachio on top. You must try it if you ever sit down for a meal at Chagh Kabab. The prices of the main dishes range from 45 AED to 60 AED. A group of six can share four main dishes.

Address: Behind Corniche Towers, 3rd Street, Al Khalidiya








Originally published by ‘The Gazelle’, an NYUAD student publication on 13th March, 2016.